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Calvin and Hobbes fic rec: Stupendous Man and Pretty Cool Dude (for an old guy) Join Forces!

Link is to AO3. G. m/m (Uncle Max/OMC)

Summary: The Mysterious Masked Man of Mega-Might encounters another Champion of Liberty and Justice. Together they fight crime! This is based on the following prompt: “Calvin finally gets to go visit Uncle Max. Cue him and his partner telling the story of how they first met and came out - to a six year old and his stuffed tiger.”

My comment: Aww, it’s sweet. Has a few very funny moments as well.

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Avengers (movie) fic rec: Travelogue

Link is to AO3. Clint/Bruce/Natasha, explicit

Summary: Post-New York, Clint’s still having trouble dealing with the whole Loki-controlling-his-brain situation, and Natasha seems to be avoiding him. Bruce Banner, meanwhile, just wants to get back to Kolkata.

My comment: There’s missions and Clint snark (and Clint angst) and building bridges and one of my favourite last lines in a fic, ever.

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Tron: Legacy fic rec: The Loop

Link is to AO3.

Summary: For a thousand cycles Rinzler has known about the enemy, but he’s never had to face one.

My comment: This is what happens to Rinzler, post movie. This is him being Tron again. It’s a process, it’s amazing. Wonderful use of Alan and Lora from the original Tron film. And spectacular, amazing prortrayal of programs as programs. Computer jargon exactly where it belongs. Rinzler’s journey back to functional is wonderful.

This is the first fic in a series called Reset. There are two main parts right now (and spinoff fic written by others), the second is Home, and it is FUCKING EPIC, inspired by a prompt of Sam getting trapped forever in the Grid. It makes the world of the Grid amazingly real, with a depth and intensity I never expected. As of that second one, it heads into Sam/Tron territory (eventually…) and incredibly satisfyingly.

There’s one more coming, eventually. I for one cannot wait.

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Tron: Legacy fic rec: One Miracle at a Time

Link is to AO3. Sam Flynn/Tron. NC-17

Summary Sam doesn’t find what he’s looking for when he returns to the Grid. But he does find something he needs.

My comment: Sam returns to the grid to repair it in the aftermath of Kevin Flynn and Clu’s reintegration. Some programs don’t want him there, some are afraid. He repairs guerilla style. When he finds Tron, the program is wary of his own corruption into Rinzler. This is a long fic, slowly follows Sam’s progress with the Grid and with Tron.

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Avengers (movie) fic rec: An Arrow, Discarded

Link is to AO3. Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov. NC-17.

Summary: He is Clint Barton and he is Hawkeye and he is Loki and he is a rime of blue ice. He is an arrow loosed from a madman’s bow.

contains: violence, references to rape

My comment: So remember how Clint was mind-controlled by Loki, and what Loki told Natasha he would make Clint do? Clint can’t make himself not remember.

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Avengers (movie) fic rec: Matchmaker Matchmaker

Link is to AO3. Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, Jane Foster/Thor, Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers.

Summary:Darcy and Jane band together to get Tony and Bruce to realize their attraction to one another because Jane wants more time with Thor and Darcy likes to ship her employers.

My comment: I laughed loud and often while I read this. I enjoyed Darcy from the Thor movie, and she’s in full force here. Very light fare, very fun.

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Gargoyles fic rec: Beauty I'd Always Missed

Link is to AO3. Lexington/Staghart (G-rated)

Summary:Lex had learned the words in the rookery, teasing things to call the other hatchlings, expressions without meaning or context, only “different.”

My comment: Old fandom, and still a favourite show of mine. Lex was always my favourite character. The show’s creator revealed, years later, that Lex is gay—though probably not aware of that during the show’s canon. I like how this fic handles that.

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Avengers (movie) fic rec: Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be

Series rec actually. Link is to AO3. Bruce Banner/Tony Stark. dark-ish AU.

Summary (first fic): In a world that is a little bit darker, a little bit bleaker, Tony Stark is much less of a nice man. But he doesn’t like bullies, and especially not ones who keep other people hostage to make weapons.

And that is how he meets Bruce Banner for the first time.

My comment: Three short fics in a row. Tony being quite awesome, handling a traumatized Banner (and Hulk). Uses some 2008 Hulk movie canon apparently.

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